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For the past three Januarys, when the year is still new, my love + I squirrel away to a secluded spot in paradise, buy some fresh prawns, grab a bottle of Veuve and talk about what we want to get out of the year ahead. It’s become a tradition that seriously excites me, as if the day itself isn’t magnificent enough, it also helps to fulfill my entire year.

In years past I have gone into the ‘Veuve Day’ (as it’s now affectionately known) with a bucket of creativity and clarity and I find the challenge of selecting three words to guide my year, relatively easy, but this year, not so much...

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Content Creation

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My slow start to 2019 left me completely stumped. I was being so hard on myself that it was five days in to the new year and I didn't have it all together. I hadn't solidified my goals for the year, I didn't have that that burst of business energy and I was comparing all these feels to the countless shout outs of how the new year was so revitalising, sharing new years aspirations and just generally kicking goals already. But when I I had an afternoon in front of Netflix (back to back eps of 'You', cannot believe Dan Humphry can pull off creepo so well) and realised my sloth January was being experienced by many others as well, I had a little injection of life and got back to thinking about what I needed this year.

Previous years, my words have been...

But in the last two years, since each year has been more incredible than the last, I’m kind of thinking I am on a good thing! It hit me - all my previous words are still completely relevant to my work, creative + personal lives.

~ To be daring, fear less + take risks.

~ To find a real balance between work and life.

~ To be thankful for what I have around me and actually show gratitude.

~ To dig in + get shit done.

~ To stress less.

~ To minimise the negative experiences + joyless things in my life.

Yes there’s a lot there to take in, but these are all things I truly believe will improve my life + things that don’t really come naturally to me. So I know I need to make a conscious effort to focus in these areas.

For the past three weeks I've maintained that my new New Year would be 1st February, and as the calendar flips over to 02, just like that, I'm starting to feel fresh again... well mentally fresh anyway, still nursing a throat infection for the third week running!

So I guess for fellow business owners out there who may be having similar feels, the message of this post is simple - worry less about what other people are doing, allow yourself time and Netflix and enjoy a bottle of Veuve.

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