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I did a small survey recently and found an overwhelming 90% of people said expensive packages was the number one barrier preventing them from booking a photoshoot for their business. This wasn’t too surprising given the traditional perception that professional photographers are expensive, but while money may be a perfectly logical excuse for not hiring a brand photographer, on the flip side there are some financial gains to be made with professional photos that you may not have considered. 

Beyond that cliche saying, you’ve got to spend money to make money, here they are, 3 reasons why spending money on photography is a great investment...


Let’s start with the obvious. Completing my first tax return coming out of my 9-5 job, I was flabbergasted to get the letter that said “owing” (insert shock face emoji here) Tax time was always so great with a full time salary job, like savings that someone else was holding onto for you until August, but when you’re running your own gig it’s a different story. As a small business, if you’re making more money than you are spending, you will have to pay tax to the Government. So spending money to further your business means you’re still spending the same you would on paying tax, but you’re actually getting something tangible in return - beautiful, thoughtfully considered, brand photos. But I’m certainly not a pro in this area, so ask your accountant or bookmark this link, to read later.


Perception is reality. Perception of your brand is everything. With so many messages hitting the eyeballs of your perfect customers every day, you have but mere seconds to capture their attention, engage with them and attempt a connection. So a few quick snaps at home with an Instagram filter generally won't cut it. Whether you’re using an iPhone or DSLR, DIY photos can give off the impression that your business is small, not making money and can imply that you cut corners. And while your product or service may be absolutely perfect, they are unlikely to trust a brand that cuts corners in their marketing and doesn’t care what their brand looks like - brutal I know, but true. Professional photos give people the perception you are professional, like you’ve got your shit together, that you’re serious about your business and makes you look like a bigger business than you actually may be. You could be a one women show running your business out of your 3x3 laundry but your brand perception from your social channels and website, is that you are professional and successful. This leads to trust, which then leads to purchase. I’m not a statistician, but I’m sure there’s some survey out there that says people are 99% more likely to purchase from a brand they trust.


Fake it till you make it! Professional photography can give great confidence in how you go about business, whether that be approaching wholesalers with a sleek, quality lookbook, pitching to brands about collaborations or selling your business to clients, having Imagery that you are proud of is going to strengthen your overall confidence, making it easier for you to take action and propel your business forward. Like external brand perception this level of confidence will encourage trust.

This post is riddled with cliche catch phrases, but they each so perfectly prove my point.

Perhaps this post should have been - 3 sayings that prove photography is a great investment:

You’ve got to spend money to make money.

Perception is reality.

Fake it till you make it.

So if you’re now convinced on the financial return, but wondering how much should you budget for a brand shoot, you can check out my packages here.

Next up, costs to consider when planning a photoshoot, click here to read more.


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