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While hiring a professional photographer is most definitely an investment into your business (if you’re not convinced, you can read all about it here) and there are costs that you may not have even considered (check out part two of this blog series here), never fear, there are always ways to reduce costs and be super savvy when shoot planning.

Here are five ways to save your hard earned mulla if you find yourself on a tight budget:

1. Commit to multiple shoots upfront to get a reduced overall rate

Many photographers will have a standard rate but then offer a discount if you commit to more than one shoot over a specified period of time. So if you expect you will need another couple of shoots over the coming months, ask about a discounted rate or try and negotiate with your photographer.

2. Plan your shoot appropriately to avoid having to cater

Scheduling a shoot between meal times and under four hours in length means you won't be expected to provide catering for the shoot team, however a couple of coffees or some cookies never goes astray to keep energy levels high!

3. Book models who can do their own hair and make up

If you're using a model for your shoot, hair and makeup can be one of those costs that you're really keen to avoid. Some models are happy to do their own hair and make up, just check before booking them and ensure you give a solid brief on the look you are going for.

4. Collab with complimentary brands

Contacting brands or businesses who complement yours and share your brands values can be a great way to reduce costs on buying props to help fill your shots. This is also a great way to broaden your reach on social media if the other brands utilise your photos and expose your brand to their audience. Win - win!

5. Team up with another business to share the location fee

The location can be a hefty chunk of your budget. Most locations will charge for only a half day or full day, however if you only need an hour or two, sharing the time with another business is the perfect way to reduce your cost.

Your photographer may have some other ways in which costs can be reduced, so there's no harm in just asking the question and being honest about your budget upfront is always the best thing!


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