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If you’re feeling a little confused or embarrassed that when you see the words ‘lifestyle shoot’ you don’t really know what it means, never fear you are not alone!

Sure, you can probably have a decent guess, but you’re still unsure if you’re actually right, and wondering if there's any difference to that other term photographers throw around - family portraits.

Well the answer is yes, and no! (There in lies the reason you may be confused!)

Basically a lifestyle shoot is a photo shoot that takes place in your everyday life, less formal, less posing and more natural and representative of what you and your loved ones would be doing on a normal Saturday.

Gold Coast lifestyle photographer

Family portraits on the other hand is a more traditional style of photography. Sometimes shot in a studio, more heavily directed and generally the standard face to camera shots.

The other thing with calling them family portraits is that it implies that you have to have kids or do the shoot with your parents, hence the name family, not always your ideal scenario! Whereas lifestyle shoots, you don’t have to include any family members at all. You can do one with girlfriends, a group of couples in your friendship group or even your fur baby!

Gold Coast lifestyle photographer

Gold Coast lifestyle photographer

The photo locations for lifestyle shoots are endless, so it can be tricky to choose. It’s best to think about where you spend most of your time on the weekends. If that’s in the water, let’s shoot at the beach, if you seem to be caffeine hunting, let’s go to your fave cafe, if you’re always adventuring in nature, let’s find a place outdoors or if you have made a little oasis in your own home, I can shoot there as well.

Gold Coast lifestyle photographer

So in summary, family portraits and lifestyle shoots are similar but different.

If you’re liking the sound of this lifestyle shoot business (and your pooch is a terror when it comes to selfies), feel free to enquire about booking in a shoot with me, it'll be fun, I promise.



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