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I'm so happy to be able to call, local Gold Coast photo memory business, Imogen Stone, an MNDY partner. They print photos on stone! A photographer's dream to have such a unique and beautiful way to display photos.

We had a quick chat with Creative and Founder behind these natural stone beauties, Sean Connolly, to find out a little more about the brand and their products.

Sean Connelly Imogen Stone

Imogen Stone MNDY Photography


How are your products made?

We handcraft and print all of our stone products in our workshop on the Gold Coast. We love the handmade quality and that all final prints are unique.

Why stone?

Printing on stone offers a number of benefits.

First, the composite stone surface provides a unique matte finish to the image. This adds depth and clarity to the print to create a photo like, non glossy reproduction. The stone surface is also hardwearing and when combined with high quality UV inks, creates a long lasting, fade resistant print. As well as being made to last a lifetime, the stone prints are made using natural and reclaimed materials. This creates a sustainable way to preserve and display your favourite memories.

Unlike traditional ways of printing photos, stone prints do not require a protective layer of glass over the image. This allows for an uninterrupted view of the printed photo with no reflection or sun spots to distort the image.

Give us three words to describe an Imogen Stone frame if it were a person:

Haha, I would say... natural, interesting, insightful. The kind of person that I would like to be friends with.

Tell us about how you have seen Imogen Stone prints used most effectively?

I love it when a client groups a set of stone prints together to tell a story. Whether it be from a special day, holiday or a lifetime. You are able to view the images and see the story unfold. The hardwood timber frames adds to this as they are all have slightly different tones with a unique character. They pull the story together and give a sense of time.

Wedding Photography Imogen Stone

Wedding Photography Imogen Stone

A day in the life of Imogen Stone, what does it look like?

Each day is different, which is great. But a typical day would include a mixture of replying to emails, sanding timber, fine tuning images, printing + packaging. All with a podcast or music playing in the background.

Favourite podcast?

The Tim Ferris Show, so good!

What is your dream holiday destination?

Anywhere off the beaten path thats filled with raw natural beauty. Kakadu National Park is next on my list.

What’s next for Imogen Stone?

We will continue to refine and evolve our range of stone products. There are so many different possibilities and finishes to explore. Also we love to collaborate with other small businesses to create new artwork and art forms.


I am happily including Imogen Stone prints into my family, lifestyle and wedding packages.

You can check out Imogen Stone's beautiful stone and wood prints here.



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