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Hiring a photographer can be a daunting task. Not just because it can be a decent investment (if you are after some explanation around pricing, head to this blog post) but because there may be some terms thrown around that you are not really sure about. One in particular, ‘edited’… So you’re probably thinking - what’s the deal? I really don’t want the photos of me picked and pulled to look completely fake - but let me explain to you about the power of editing photos.

My purpose for editing photos is simply, to enhance them. Totally not my style to reshape or manipulate your photos to the extremes where the backdrop looks like a green screen and your faces look like you've just jumped off the set of Nip Tuck.

My edit style is soft, subtle, sharp and straight.

Lifestyle Shoot Edit - before

Lifestyle Shoot Edit - after

Soft colour, subtle adjustments, sharp features and straight lines. As simple as that sounds, it can be super challenging to get the balance right, whilst still achieving a beautiful natural photo. Highlighting the best parts of the photo, getting rid of the distractions and blending everything seamlessly isn’t an easy feat. It takes a relentless attitude, attention to detail and an epic Spotify playlist. Currently, my playlist of choice F R A N K L Y B L U E S a relaxing, smooth blend of jazzy, bluesy, soul from Sinatra, Bennett, Green, Davis Jnr and Etta James, spanning from the late 40’s to early 70’s.

Surprising selection? Perhaps. But close your eyes, have a listen and tell me that doesn’t lull you to a beautiful place...



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