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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Weddings can be a total minefield. So many aspects to consider, so much research to be done, so many meetings to be had and so much lingo to wrap your head around. Wedding speak can be tricky, in particular when you’re speaking to wedding suppliers who talk the talk day in and day out. But not to worry, your guide to all the photography jargon, delivered below in mere minutes.


The first look is the first time someone lays eyes on the Bride, specifically "set up” or manufactured to capture the genuine first time emotion on camera or film. This can be with the Bride’s parents (generally dad's are most popular and most heart warming when the tears stream) or the Bridesmaids. A more extreme “first look” is when the couple opt to see each other in private before the guests do and before the ceremony.


Maid of Honour, pretty basic acronym and is consistent across other wedding day bridal party and couple family titles that you might see on a photographers run sheet (BM - Best Man. MOB - Mother of the Bride. FOB - Father of the Bride. FG - Flower girl.)


If a couple chose to have an unplugged wedding, this means that they want their guests to be totally in the moment with them and not engrossed behind their phones and cameras trying to get the perfect photo, when actually the Bride and Groom have paid good money for a professional to do that for them. It's pretty shattering for a photographer to get the perfect ceremony shot only to realise it was ruined with Aunty Rhonda's iPad in the middle of the photo!


The photos taken in another location from where the ceremony and reception takes place. The couple may have a location in mind that has special significance for them, otherwise your photographer will suggest locations in the area ideal for photos.


That perfect hour just before the sun sets, when the sun is lower in the sky and softer, with an orange, yellow glow.


Derived from a Japanese word 'boke' meaning blur, (pronounced bo-ke) is that beautiful effect of a blurred background with the couple in the foreground in sharp focus. This background blurring helps draw the focus to the key part of the photo and work to eliminate distractions in the background.


When the photographer directs how you should present during photos. This is ideal for couples who feel awkward having a huge lens in their faces. Getting instructions on where to put your arm and where to look can make people feel like they know what they are doing.


When the photographer hangs in the background and the couple or bridal party just freely do their thing, while the photographer follows and captures. This is usually the best method to get those more genuine feels.

Bridal Party


The colourful spotting on a photo caused by the sun hitting and reflecting off the lens. This can be a super cool effect for the right style of shot.

Wedding Photography

So there you have it, a few tips to make your meeting with your photographer that little bit easier.

Good luck with the rest of your wedding planing!


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