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​I’ve always steered clear of wedding expos, the awkwardness on both sides of the table from the vendor and expo goers, so uninspiring.

On one side, the expo goers graze the booths, slow enough to gain the attention of the eager vendor, but fast enough that catching with conversation is uneasy.

On the other side, the nervous vendor, seeing bride after bride breeze by without engagement or appreciation of everything they can offer beyond the 10 seconds of exposure butted up next to another distraction.

Reading this make you feel a little uneasy? Well read on to get the low down on this amazing Gold Coast born, wedding supplier showcase event.

Cathleen, Suzanne and Jill - three driven creatives each with their own individual wedding businesses, who mimicked my feelings of the same old same old wedding expos, brought together with a shared goal to create something unique - hence The Social Engagement was born.

An event centred around the key aspect of being social. Breaking all the traditional expo rules, The Social Engagement provided a relaxed, approachable and fun setting with a Gold Coast brewery acting as the perfect hook for the grooms and the perfect backdrop for the evening.

An intimate group of local suppliers showcased their brand stories to the newly engaged, before taking a seat at the beautifully set tables for an interactive dinner where the couples could sit side by side and really get to know the vendors more intimately, share stories and just generally bask in the good vibe sounds, courtesy of Jake and Andy, and the delectable eats, courtesy of Fingers and Bones.

It was an absolute pleasure to capture this event for three wonderful ladies changing things up a little.

I Am Poppy Design

The Supper Club


There Must Be Cake

The Supper Club

Tonic Artistry

Mark Divola

Burleigh Brewing Co

Burleigh Brewing Co

The Social Engagement

Wedding Fair

Salt and Light Media

Wedding Event

Kombi Collective

Gabrielle Rose for Mahiya

Gabrielle Rose for Mahiya

Gabrielle Rose for Mahiya

The Wiener Haus

The Social Engagement

Wedding Photography

The Social Engagement

Mark Divola

The Social Engagement Wedding Expo

Burleigh Brewing Co

Neon Republic

Fable House

The Social Engagement

Jake and Andy

Andrew Fallon

Josh Withers

Jake and Andy

The Social Engagement

The Vintage Bells

Co Creative Events

The amazing vendors part of the day:

BRIDAL WEAR / Gabrielle Rose for Mahiya

CAKE / There Must be Cake + Pretty Yummy Cookie

CATERING / Fingers and Bones

FOOD TRUCK / The Wiener Haus

FLORIST / Pollen Weddings

HAIR & MAKE UP / Tonic Artistry

KOMBI / Kombi Collective


MENUS / I am Poppy Designs

MUSIC / Jake and Andy, Mark Divola + Vintage Bells

PHOTOBOOTH / Pic Perfect Booth

PHOTOGRAPHY / Salt and Light Media, The Follans + Cloud Catcher Studios

SIGNS / Neon Republic

SPEAKERS / Tanya Bennett, Josh Withers, Andrew Fallon + Jeannie Sheppard

STYLIST / Love n Wishes

TABLEWARE / The Supper Club

VENUE / Burleigh Brewing Co



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