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Having started my own business, it’s a dream to be able to help other startups and small businesses find their brand identity and visual style through photography. It’s one of my (many) favourite parts of this job.

Meeting with the people behind an idea, learning about how they developed their idea into a business and a brand, gaining understanding about their targets, challenges and opportunities and then on to building a shoot, is such a exhilarating process.

Over the span of several months I went through this process with Abbey Lake from Collective Sol - a coastal born and bred start up homewares business that was spawned from an idea of unique homewares and lifestyle pieces that are designed locally and sourced ethically & sustainably from makers around the world.

We started with a Summer Christmas Giveaway campaign, a joint venture with social media extraordinaire, the lovely Chloe from Social Media Creative that was pulled together, literally overnight. Nothing like a Christmas deadline to get your butt into gear.

S U M M E R G I V E A W A Y / B E A C H S I D E

Round Towel

Round Towel

Round Towel + Tote Bag

Round Towel

To showcase the broader range, we next delved into a half day shoot in a modern coastal home.

R A N G E S H O O T / C O A S T A L H O M E

Tribal Cushion + Tribal Rug

Tribal Rug

Chunky Knit Throw

Styling some old and new products in a different setting for our next half day shoot.

N E W P R O D U C T S / B E A C H C O T T A G E

African Basket

Market Basket

Throw Blanket

Knit Throw

Having only worked with Abbey remotely it was so lovely to finally meet her and her incredibly beautiful team, in person, and in an epic Melbourne loft style warehouse no less.

W I N T E R C A M P A I G N / M E L B O U R N E L O F T

Floor Rug

Floor Rug

Traditional Rug

Waffle Throw

Floor Rug

Hearing Abbey’s genuine feedback about the impact that my photos have had on her business is an incredible feeling. The tangible difference she notices when new photos are posted, uploaded and out there for customers and wholesalers - so bloody rewarding, it's why I love working with small businesses.

To check out the wonderful wares (including some epic Christmas specials!) of the talented duo Abbey Lake and her mum all photos are linked to Collective Sol's shop page or head to the website.


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