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By now you've figured out the venue, celebrant, what everyone's wearing, photos, video and tunes (or if you're still undecided on any of those items, check back for some helpful tips in The Ultimate Wedding Experience Guide Parts One, Two and Three) Now, we tackle the pretty things - styling, flowers and sugar.



With Alysha Trevillion from The Lace Tambourine

What are the advantages of hiring a wedding stylist?

There are lots of DIY brides out there that are super organised and totally have the theme and feel of their wedding sorted right from the beginning. In this case a stylist may simply assist in sourcing unusual pieces and offer on the day set up assistance. Other brides have different priorities and may want to spend less time deliberating over the details and more time sipping cocktails and looking fabulous! In this case they would really benefit from a stylist to assist with creating the whole look, feel and vibe of their wedding. The advantage of a stylist is really to help bring a vision to life. They will take the stress out of organising and planning the details and ensure a seamless and sophisticated set up. Ultimately a stylist should work with the couple to create a space that feels unique, opulent and inviting for them and their guests.

Any tips on how couples define their wedding style?

Have a think about the parts of your life together you love most and what defines you as a couple. Bringing elements of the couple’s everyday life into their wedding space is really important. If, for example the couple live by the ocean and regularly enjoy beach time together it is a great idea to bring in features of their coastal lifestyle and their love of the ocean. (I’m not talking jars of shells scattered on tables but rather incorporating a blue/green pallet with lots of open space and natural lighting) If the couple are particularly interested in music or animals or whatever it may be it is really charming and endearing to the guests if they can see some of these elements woven into their pal’s wedding day. It is important to remain true to yourself when planning any part of your special day. Authenticity is essential in achieving a loved-up and original celebration.

What are the essential styling items needed for a wedding?

How long is a piece of string? Haha! The possibilities for wedding styling items are literally endless. Pending budget and personal taste the key pieces for an outdoor ceremony usually include seating for your guests (bench seating tends to be the most economical) a register signing table and some form of arbour or arch to be married under. Then there are countless extras that add a certain feel and vibe to your ceremony including shepherd hooks to line the aisle, floral instillations, signage, parasols and a refreshment station for your guests. These pieces come in all shapes and sizes and will be dependent on your venue size and local council regulations. Similarly, the reception space can be as simple or as detailed as the couple desire. It is handy to be resourceful and efficient and by attempting to reuse pieces from the ceremony at the reception. For example if you have hired a luxe flower laden arbour to be married under why not have it transported to the reception space to reuse above the cake table or have someone play live music in front of? Up cycled or handmade pieces also add an element of interest and uniqueness to wedding reception decor. Natural materials like timber and the use of fresh greenery and soft lighting also help to create ambiance. A few carefully selected and effectively styled quality pieces generally create maximum impact and bang for your buck.

What are some non-traditional styling items that are starting to pop up at weddings?

We have seen a shift away from traditional sit down meals to a more social and relaxed feast style of dining. This has made way for the extra wide banquet tables that have been laden with lush greenery, textured cutlery and oversized decadent platters. Soft brushed metallic and bright whites are a striking combination also beginning to pop up on reception table tops. Hanging installations above tables are adding a wow factor for many couples and their guests. Soft, low hanging lights and pendants are featuring in barn weddings and outdoor courtyards adding to the ever cherished romantic ambience. Many brides are continuing to relish the ‘in the bohemian beauty’ vibe, while others are adding a touch of ethnic and tribal styling to their pallet. Brides are tending to choose adventure over tradition and are seeking new and exciting styling options. With all that being said simplicity and quality remain at the forefront of successful styling execution.


With Alex Gullis from Pollen Weddings

What are the most popular flowers for bridal bouquet in each of the seasons?

Summer - dahlias, peonies, calla lily, delphium, lisianthus gardenia, bouvardia, roses.

Winter - hyacinth, tulips jonquills, daffodils, blossom.

Spring - ranunculus, anemone, andromeda, blushing bride.

Available all year round - natives, lily's, carnations, roses, foliage's, babies breath, berries.

Is there a limit to how many different types of flowers a Bride choose for her bouquet?

I would suggest maximum 5 ot 6 varieties maximum.

How else can flowers be used on your wedding day aside from just the bouquets?

Tables, wall pieces, hanging installations, arbours, table flowers, headpieces, bag accessories, dress accessories. There are some many options.

How far in advance should a Bride order the flowers?

Best if minimum 3 months in advance.


With Ashley Gleeson from Two Little Bakers

What is the most popular cake choice for a wedding day?

Cake flavour is such a personal choice, but we definitely have a few that stand out as crowd favourites! It's funny, sometimes when I'm doing a tasting with a couple they will choose the flavour they think that everyone will like, safe options I guess. Others will be like, "Stuff everyone else, it's my wedding and I'm picking what I love most!" which is so great to hear!! We don't do mudcake at all and we find that our couples are loving this! Generally after a big meal and lots of dancing, a lighter cake for dessert will go down better with the guests, and is more likely to be eaten. Salted Caramel is always a big winner we find, and both our Lemon Vanilla and Coconut Vanilla flavours have become extremely popular in the last few months.

What are some alternate options for a wedding dessert aside from a traditional cake?

Cupcake towers and macaron towers are such a great option for a more relaxed wedding where the guests can just go and help themselves to something sweet.

If you want to go all out indulgence, then a dessert buffet is definitely the way to go! Guests can select from delicious bite sized treats like macarons, brownies, cheesecake bites, dessert shots, mini tarts and mini cupcakes, and the centrepiece of the table is generally a smaller one or two tiered cake for the bride and groom to cut.

Aside from the obvious, what other decorations are becoming more popular for wedding cakes?

I definitely think that people are having a bit more fun with their wedding cakes and mixing it up from just the typical white look. We have been doing a lot of cakes with a salted caramel drip, or drazzle as we like to call it! The caramel adds a bit of decadence to the cake and looks just as amazing paired with fresh flowers as it does piled up high with chocolate shards, macarons and berries!

Metallics are also becoming quite popular, whether it be a whole tier painted gold or just a few touches of gold leaf here and there, they definitely give an extra special touch to the cake.

How long in advance should a couple book the wedding cake?

We book wedding cakes in up to one year in advance, but the minimum we would recommend would be 7-8 months, especially if your wedding is in peak wedding season. This means you have the best chance of getting the date you need and we have the most time to work with you on your design to ensure your wedding cake is everything sweet dreams are made of!

So hopefully by now you're feeling like a bona fide Wedding decision maker, extraordinaire, armed with the insider tips (and some unbelievable vendor recommendations) to kick start your plans for the big day. But if you are looking for even more Wedding goodness, check out the website and Instagram account of these amazing featured vendors.

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