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So if you haven't read The Ultimate Wedding Experience Guide Part One, head back to my previous blog post and give that a read first. Here we will cover all things getting ready, what the Bride, Groom and Bridal Party are all going to be wearing.



With Carla Hupfeld from Made with Love Bridal

What are your top three tips for deciding on the right bridal gown?

Choose a dress that YOU love. Everyone has their own opinion, I have seen it too many times when a bride choses a dress because her Mum or bridesmaid loves it and then changes her mind a few months later to what she originally loved. Always go with your gut, chose the dress that you cannot get out of your head! Always chose a dress that represents you and reflects your personality. Remember, your husband proposed to you because he wants to marry you. Not your bridesmaid! Know what suits your figure, don’t buy a wedding dress because the model looks amazing in it.

What is a common mistake you see Brides make when choosing their gown?

They get so confused when all their bridesmaids give them different opinions. We only allow 3 guests per bride for this reason. It’s all about the bride in our appointments and we want them to chose a dress that they are in love with.

Ideally, how many fittings should a Bride plan for?

We only make generic sizes but alterations / tweaking is expected when our brides receive their dress. It’s a bonus if they don’t have to! Maybe 2 appointments with our recommended alterations seamstress, expected prior to their wedding.

What is one important thing to consider when choosing a bridal gown that most brides don't think about?

Know what suits your body shape. Do your research before booking an appointment!

Number one item to remember on the wedding day just in case there is an accident with the dress?

A safety pin!

T H E B R I D E S M A I D S + T H E G R O O M S M E N

With Bridgette Kirk from The Style Agency

What are some Bridesmaid dress styles that are suitable for multiple body shapes?

V Neck, A line dresses because:

  1. It creates balance for those with an inverted triangle body shape and draws the eye down

  2. It hides the appearance of any saddle bags and heavier thighs indicative of a ‘pear/triangle’ shape

  3. It is bust flattering and skims over the stomach area which can be an unwanted focus point for ‘apples’

  4. It gives shape to ‘column and rectangle’ body shapes that are quite up and down.

  5. It hugs in all the right areas and flatters beautifully for an hourglass ladies

What are some more unique options for men’s wedding suits, aside from navy or black?

Grey. Charcoal for autumn/winter weddings and light grey/heather grey for a spring/summer wedding. A grey suit also works with both tan and black shoes making it an easy to pair choice.

What colour combinations should be avoided so that the Bridal Party outfits don't clash?

Yellow and purple along with red and green are the most common clashing colours so we suggest avoiding this.

Any tips for matching all the accessories?

Either keep it same style or colour family. Simple!

Aside from assisting in outfit selection, what else can a personal stylist offer a Bridal Party?

Education on what truly works specifically for them!

This is useful beyond bridal shopping and can be applied to your everyday wardrobe from work wear to weekend.

Bridal Stylists ensure that everything ties in seamlessly, and that both the bride and bridesmaids needs are heard whilst offering an education on the various cuts, styles, colours and fabrics which will work for each body shape and colour palette. Not forgetting that it also needs to tie in flawlessly with the location and season of the wedding.

It is of the most importance that one dresses for their shape and colouring especially when it comes to their wedding day.

There are some necklines, cuts and fabrics that simply do not work on some body shapes and thus it’s imperative that the bride is given the education of her body shape and which of the above mentioned work for her.

Moving on we look at colour palette and which shade of white or even colours [should the bride be thinking outside of a white palette for her gown] are her best.

This is followed by fabrics and styles that will be suitable to her personal taste along with season and location of the wedding.

With all this done for her, it then makes the dress shopping a very fun, easy and targeted day rather than a possibly confused and frustrating day. The only tears you ever want to see when bridal shopping are tears of happiness not dismay!

As professional bridal stylists, we see ourselves as the fairy godmothers of wedding dress, groomsmen, mother of the bride and bridesmaid shopping. We ensure it all comes together perfectly, and all within budget.


With Chanel Marie from Chanel Marie Makeup Artistry

How long in advance should a bride book her makeup?

It's very normal for brides to book a year in advance for makeup, which I definitely recommend, I think once you book your venue you should then book hair and makeup, it is an important part of the day and you want to make sure you have secured a spot and find someone you are happy with for your big day!

How important is it to do a makeup trial?

I think it is extremely important to do a makeup trial, especially for your wedding day. As you want everything to be perfect and run smoothly, I recommend to all my brides to have a trial, I love to work with my brides and make sure I can bring there makeup vision to life.

You don't always have time on the day to decide what you want or change things, you want it to run as smoothly as possible for the bride and for them to be relaxed as possible!

Any tips on what a Bride can do in the lead up to her wedding day to prepare?

I really beleive in cleansing the inside to keep the outside looking healthy! So drinking lots of water, getting adequate sleep, exercising and maintaining a well balanced diet!

I also would caution against trying any new products or aggressive treatments, just incase you have any reactions! Instead just make sure you wear a sunscreen use a mild exfoliator twice a week and apply a moisturiser to your face, and body as well!

One final tip to make a Brides makeup last until the reception?

Good skin preparation is a must and is so important! If you have a nice even and prepared base to work with everything else will just flow and work!

Exfoliating is definitely a key to prepping your skin for makeup application!

The smoother the surface the more even the makeup can be applied therefore the longer it lasts! Makeup setting spray is great and can help keep your final look in place.


So now you know where you're getting married, who is going to marry you and what you'll all be wearing, the next part in this blog series will focus on the sound and vision of the day.


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