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As a photographer, I am most definitely in the business of people and like many jobs, the work is the work but the people, make a job something that is completely special. it was no different in the case of working with the awesomely talented mumma’s Michelle and Jess from Weave and Willow. Both with a great passion for creating stylish, sustainable, organic floor cushions, with their bubs at the heart of their inspiration, they launched their online business, Weave and Willow.

After meeting with Michelle at our local cafe, I knew MNDY Photography would be a perfect fit for their startup. A match instantly made and we were on to sourcing props and locations. The girls were amazing in working around the clock, getting in touch with similar brands to feature their products in our shoot. The small business community was incredibly supportive, super keen to collaborate and cross promote their products (shout to these lovely people also below.)

Shoot day started with a coffee and bagel at Warehouse No.5,the perfect place to start a creatively charged day. A quick dose of inspiration as I reviewed my shoot planner and I was ready to go. The day was split into three parts, living room, nursery and beach, the latter location proven difficult when the rain started just as the day began.

Despite the fact that Michelle and Jess, had three children, under the age of four, between them fluttering around at the shoot, the day was relaxed. It was so much fun bringing the Weave and Willow vision to life in the beautiful setting they had created for me to shoot. Over here, up high, down low, to the side. I was here, there and everywhere like an energiser bunny buzzing around the mock living room, all centred around one 1m x 1m beautifully crafted floor cushion.

Working with Michelle and Jess was an absolute pleasure, and I am lucky to be part of the Weave and Willow journey in just a small way.

WEAVE + WILLOW / Head here to purchase if you’re already sold

AEGEAN LOOM / Handwoven Turkish towels

OLIVE + JOY / Beautiful cushions

HUNTER SOY CANDLES / Candles that smell so good you want to eat them

KOA / Ceramic goodness

LITTLE DRIFTER & CO / Playful teepees

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